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Danielle is a multidisciplinary artist known for working in a wide variety of styles and mediums. Sharp attention to detail and an eye for colour are characteristics that can be appreciated in her pieces.


Although Danielle is self-taught to draw and paint, she received her Applied Communication Arts and Graphic Design diplomas with honours from NSCC Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. She owned and operated her own tattoo business for 8 years before deciding to focus solely on fine art and graphic design.

Danielle’s paintings are created mainly in acrylic due to the fast drying time and versatility. She enjoys creating bright and eye catching works, drawing inspiration from the world around her. She also specializes in realistic graphite portraits of people and pets from photographs which serve as valuable keepsakes. Her two self-published colouring books, Colour the Coast 1 & 2, each consist of 50 original hand drawn and inked illustrations inspired by life in the Maritimes.

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